Marja Entrich

Marja Entrich was founded in 1943 on the premise of a pure devotion to innovation in beauty. Spearheaded by natural formulas and powerhouse plant ingredients, we strive for a new holistic approach to clean healthy beauty and wellness. By simplifying and using higher quality-products with wider versatility, Marja Entrich pioneered botanical clean beauty already in the 40’s and with confidence we rely on her expertise and lifelong commitment. No need to reinvent, but constantly strive to refine and honor our legacy to bring the future generation a botanical skin care system that will treat, rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s natural features with self-care and greater health for our planet and people in focus. Marja Entrich believes in a balanced and wholesome beauty routine everyday. Offering products for face, body and hair consisting of nature’s own quality ingredients with nutrient-dense, healing and high performing properties. We actively nurse your own natural feature, indulge yourself to be present and balance your everyday habits. We put our trust in our botanical skin care system so you can make the smartest and most sustainable decisions - no compromise.